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Top Donator of the month: Holmes999

At the end of the month, the top donator of the month win 250 DG Coins.

Recent News
DG Coin gift announcement + site news


We will be releasing the new website in the next few weeks. We want to have an automated gift system for DG coins.

For this to be possible, DG coins need to be wiped. It''s something needed to be done for further development of DG and the website.

On May 1, 2014, all DG coins will be wiped from all accounts. Some exceptions apply, however, we will contact you if you are an exception before the May 1st date. Items will remain on your accounts and characters.

Please spend all your DG coins before May 1, 2014.

Added by: NicK

DG coin special [Expired]
21.03.14 has some sweet deals if you are looking to donate for DG coins.


Buy 50 DG Coins and receive 100 DG Coins (Double)
Buy 100 DG Coins and receive 200 DG Coins (Double)
Buy 250 DG Coins and receive 500 DG Coins (Double)
Buy 550 DG Coins and receive 1650 DG Coins (Triple)
Buy 1100 DG Coins and receive 3350 DG Coins (Triple)


1$ = 20 DG Coins (was 1$ for 10 DG Coins)

Limited time only.

Added by: Steve

Happy New Year

iPlayOG wishes you all a happy new year. May your goals and dreams come true this year.

Kind regards,
iPlayOG Staff.

Added by: NicK

DGC Events

Hello Guys , The Event Managers Team will start the DGC Events next week:

Event Days:
Sunday: 50 DGC Event EU
Monday: 100 DGC Event NA
Tuesday:100 DGC Event EU
Wednesday: 50 DGC Event EU
Thursday: 50 DGC  NA

This is the schedule for this week only! It might change or not even exist next week!

Also just to make things more fun, There be an event point system. Every event (Not just the ones Lexie and Mahdey host, all of them) that you win will get you a point. At the end of the week (Saturday, to be precise) whoever has the most points will win an additional 400 DGC!

If there''s two to four winners, The prize will be split.

Have fun!

Added by: shamsmaster

Black Friday "Specials"

Get your Black Friday Specials now! (PayPal & Paymentwall)

Friday Only

We are tripling the DG Coins !!

1$ = 15 DG Coins

50 DG Coins = 150 DG Coins.
100 DG Coins = 300 DG Coins.
250 DG Coins = 750 DG Coins.
550 DG Coins = 1650 DG Coins.
1100 DG Coins = 3300 DG Coins.

Added by: NicK

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